Uncle Milton National Geographic Toys

Macaroni Review

August 9, 2012
Macaroni Kid San Fernando Valley South was asked to review a new line of Uncle Milton National Geographic toys.  Boy, was I surprised to open the box last weekend and find a large assortment of new toys for my daughter to play with.  We have been launching the The Expedition Sky Flare (pictured above), first in the house (probably not recommended) and then outside.  It really gets some air and will soar up to 50 feet.  This toy is for ages 8+, so I haven't actually let my 3 year old daughter use it, but she loves to run after it and bring it back for me to launch over and over again.  Great way to exhaust the kids! 

Stock picture of boy getting ready to launch the Sky Flare.

The High Sierra Eco Explorer - Headlamp has been very entertaining for my 3 year old daughter.  She LOVES to wear it everywhere!  She turns out all of the lights in the house and turns on her headlamp.  She even wore it to dinner last night. 

I LOVE my headlamp!

Here she is looking for bugs using the shovel/tweezers in the High Sierra Eco Explorer Multi-use Tool.  One end is a shovel to dig up dirt and the other end is a tweezers to grab the bug and put it into the specimen cup.  The cup shown has a sifter which makes it perfect to use in the sand to look for hidden treasures.  There is also another cup that has a magnifying glass to inspect bugs, rocks, leaves or whatever was caught for the day.  The headlamp will attach to the bottom of the cup to light it up.  We have had a ton of fun with this multifunctional toy!

Macaroni Kid San Fernando Valley South received the toys for review for the purpose of this article.