Uncle Milton National Geographic Toys

Macaroni Review - Week 2

August 16, 2012
This week, we have been enjoying the Uncle Milton National Geographic Memory Match Game - Baby Wild Animals and Foil Puzzle - Shark Reef. 

The Baby Wild Animals Matching Game has been a huge hit in our house!  My daughter loves all of the pictures of the baby Seals, Zebras, Chimpanzees, Elephants, Meerkats and so much more.  I love the fact that the tiles are extra thick and should last a long time.  I do wish that the tiles had rounded corners instead of being completely square, but we haven't had any issues because of it.  With 48 tiles in the box, I would say it's enough for 4-6 players to enjoy the game.

Stock picture of Shark Reef Foil Puzzle.

Next, we spent an afternoon putting together the 150 piece Shark Reef Foil Puzzle.  I love putting puzzles together and seem to have passed this on to my daughter.  The foil makes the puzzle shimmer and gives it a really cool dimension.  It could even be framed!

Macaroni Kid San Fernando Valley South received the toys for review for the purpose of this article.