Uncle Milton National Geographic Toys

Toy Review Week 3

August 23, 2012
This week we went outdoors collecting bugs with the Nat Geo Wild Anteater Bug Vac.  This toy is awesome!  It has kept my daughter busy for hours.  She loves catching anything and everything.  She would love to catch something that flies, but hasn't been that quick with it yet.  The bugs are sucked into the anteater's belly and from there, viewable through a clear plastic container which is also removable to release the bugs and insects back into their natural habitat.  We haven't had to change the batteries yet, but I would definitely recommend keeping some extra ones on hand.  The recommended age is 5 years +, but my daughter is 3 years old and hasn't had any problems using it.

Happy bug hunting!

Macaroni Kid San Fernando Valley South received the toys for review for the purpose of this article.